Writing A Eulogy

Being asked to give a eulogy is an honour and can be a very satisfying experience.

The eulogy is essentially an overview of a person’s life. It’s a chronological sketch of their achievements, from birth to their passing. It can include their schooling, things they enjoyed, their leisure activities, work, goals, sport, family, hobbies, and the special things in their life.

A little humour is always permissible, such as amusing anecdotes, as they are part of what makes the person unique and bring back precious memories for the friends and family.

It is important that the eulogy be factual and accurate. Make sure you have family names and relationships correct. Most celebrants, if asked to present the eulogy, will check the written eulogy with the family to ensure accuracy as mistakes and misinformation can cause embarrassment.

Eulogies should not be too long. Some eulogies are concise and take about five minutes, while others may be more in depth. Remember that funerals have timing schedules, particularly for cemeteries and crematoriums. It is wise to be mindful of this when writing and presenting the eulogy.

If you need help please do not hesitate to ask Memory Funerals for any assistance you need in the preparation of your eulogy. We have many years of experience and can guide and help you in the preparation of the eulogy.