Arranging a Funeral

Memory Funerals’ Step by Step Guide

In the Event of a Death

Most deaths are by natural causes and occur in hospitals, aged care facilities or in private residences. In most cases a medical certificate of cause of death will be issued by the attending doctor.

When a death occurs in a hospital or a nursing home environment the hospital or nursing home staff takes care of the medical formalities.

When a person dies at home with support from hospice or palliative care services, the ‘on duty’ staff will help with the formalities, such as notifying the treating doctor.

The staff from these health services will help you and can even call the funeral director, on your behalf, to arrange the transfer of the person who died to the funeral home.

In the case of an unexpected death in a home, hospital or public place the death may be referred to the Coroner’s Office. At this point you may require the more immediate assistance of a funeral director. We will be able to advise you of procedures and timing once we are authorised to proceed with funeral arrangements.
You are not obliged to use the funeral director who transported the person’s body to the coroner after death.

Transferring your loved one

After obtaining the required clearances and releases, we will transfer your loved one in our specially equipped transfer vehicles to Memory Funerals’ funeral home for appropriate care. Whilst in our care we will look after your loved one as we would look after a member of our own family and they will be treated with utmost dignity and respect at all times.

Making funeral arrangements

At a time and location suitable to you, we can arrange the funeral. We calmly, and in an unhurried manner listen to your needs and desires. If you are unsure we can help you design funeral arrangements that are appropriate and celebrate the unique life of the deceased.

We are here to help

We offer many options to assist you to plan the appropriate farewell, and it is our responsibility to help you make those choices that are right for you.

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand. We are here to help you through every stage of the process.